The CARES Program Mission

To promote environmentally sound farming practices while educating the public on agriculture’s role in protecting Florida’s natural resources.

Florida’s farmers and ranchers have a love for the land, and are devoted to caring for it as they continue to provide the food, fiber and fuel necessary to feed the ever growing population.   Today’s farmer uses Best Management Practices (BMPs), relying on the most up-to-date technologies and research to maximize efficiency while protecting and preserving Florida’s unique natural resources.

Nearly 800 farmers and ranchers across Florida are proud recipients of the CARES award.
Farmers are leading the way in environmental stewardship. To recognize the commitment and investment these farmers have made to protect the land and improve the water quality, Florida Farm Bureau established the County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship program, or CARES, to publicly recognize how these farmers and ranchers are promoting environmentally sound and economically viable farming practices by implementing BMPS on their farm.

By highlighting the progressive farmers and ranchers who have taken voluntary action to protect the environment, CARES encourages other farmers to follow in their footsteps to preserve the land for the next generation.

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