Brandon Overstreet

Farm: Kennard Farm                                                             
Location: Alachua County, Newberry
Date of Origination: 1943
Commodities: Hay & Cattle

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Brandon Overstreet and his family own and operate Kennard Farm in Alachua County. The 3rd generation farm started in 1943 and today proudly produces Coastal Bermuda hay and raises cattle for their cow/calf operation.

Kennard Farm has implemented BMPs for the past 12 years. BMPs are a set of guidelines that advise producers on how to manage the water, nutrient, and pesticides they are using to reduce agriculture’s impact on the state’s natural resources. Some of the BMPs that have been implemented include GPS guided fertilizer application, no-till planting, pasture rotation to improve longevity and prescribed burning to improve grass. Rotational grazing utilizes cross fencing or fencing of sensitive areas to allow for animal rotation and protection of waterbodies. By rotating the herd from pasture to pasture, it gives the grass enough time to grow tender leaves for cattle grazing and enhances efficiency to the pastures’ growth. These practices ensure that their land will remain productive and viable for future generations.

Overstreet has been actively involved in his community for the past 10 years as a Paramedic/Driver Operator for the Alachua County Fire and Rescue Department. He also participates in community events, such as youth career days with the fire department and charity-based marathons, and attends North Central Baptist Church in Gainesville.

When asked what he enjoys most about farming, Overstreet responded, “I feel in my heart that it is my responsibility to carry on my family’s legacy taking care of the land that has been in my family for more than 70 years. I want to produce the best product that I can, and improve the quality of land while doing so. I love watching things grow and learning about new technologies.”

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