Buckhorn Nursery

Farm: Buckhorn Nursery                                                       
Hardee County
Date of Origination:
Wood Ornamentals

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The Lambert family own and operate Buckhorn Nursery in Hardee County. It originated in 1959 and produces a variety of over two hundred wood ornamentals. Buckhorn Nursery is a family-run business with all members of the family having an active role in the prosperity of the farm.

Corey Lambert, Buckhorn Nursery from Florida Farm Bureau Federation on Vimeo.

Buckhorn Nursery has implemented BMPs for the past 20 years. BMPs are a set of guidelines that advise producers on how to manage the water, nutrient, and pesticides they are using to reduce agriculture’s impact on the state’s natural resources. Some of the BMPs that have been implemented include computer controlled irrigation systems, in addition to weather station data helps make better decisions of when to water. The nursery has implemented a potting machine, reducing labor fatigue and maintains consistency. Run off water is also reused on the property thanks to the use of tail water recovery systems. These practices ensure that the land will remain productive and viable for future generations.

When asked why they think it is important to protect the environment, they responded, “We think it is important to protect our environment because our environment is partly responsible for allowing us to make a living. Also, what we do can affect others as well, so it is good to be mindful and considerate of our neighbors.”