Carolyn Weeks

2017 CARES Recipient
Farm: Weeks Farms                                                              
Location: Green Cove Springs, Florida
Date of Origination: 1895
Commodities: Cattle & Timber

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Mrs. Carolyn Weeks represents multiple generations of farm families who are true pioneers of Florida agriculture. The legacy she has continued is one filled with great environmental stewardship.  For over 40 years, Mrs. Weeks has been farming timber and cattle.  Before BMPs were even established, she and her family were putting to good use practical, common sense ways of taking care of the land.  Just like nearly all of the farming operations in our great state, Mrs. Weeks’ family is also heavily involved in the day- to- day operations of Weeks Farms.

Her family is also extensively involved in their local community including organizations such as Beulah Baptist Church, Clay County Farm Bureau and Cattlemen’s Association, 4- H and FFA, as well as Green Cove Springs, just to name a few.

In regards to environmental stewardship, Mrs. Weeks and her family farm conduct an intricate BMP Program. Some of the BMPs include fencing off wetlands, implanting a burn prescription plan with constructed fire lines, placing feed and supplement areas for cattle away from sensitive areas prone to runoff or erosion, and regularly rotate pastures to allow regrowth of grass and forages.  Protecting the environment and the farm they live on is paramount to this family and as the caretakers of the land, they feel it is important to diligently work to preserve it for the next 40 years as well as honor Mrs. Carolyn Weeks’ efforts to do so.

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