Chance Clay

2014 CARES Recipient
Farm: Clay Ranch
Location: San Mateo, Florida
Date of Origination: 1858
Commodities: Blueberries, Beef Cattle, Timber

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Chance Clay is a seventh generation rancher and owner of Clay Ranch in Putnam County.
Clay’s family 2,500- plus acre property dates back to 1858 and he has diligently worked to preserve this piece of historical Florida. One of the ways Clay has accomplished this is by implementing Best Management Practices and enrolling in the state of Florida’s Rural and Family Lands Protection Program.
By definition, Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) are practical, cost-effective actions that agricultural producers can take to conserve water and reduce the amount of pesticides, fertilizers, animal waste and other pollutants entering our water resources.
Some of the BMPs he has implemented include planting back native grasses and also millet, which has proven to be better suited for grazing. He also protects the oak hammocks, prairies and ponds found throughout the property.
Clay grows commercial blueberries in pots in order to be most efficient with water and nutrient use. He is able to prevent erosion and runoff due to the plants being potted as well. His blueberry operation is also a u- pick and allows the public to get hands- on at his farm and learn about agricultural production.
Florida Farm Bureau Federation proudly awarded Chance Clay with a 2014 CARES award for his commitment to preserving his family’s property. He works daily to ensure his children can be successful and carry on the family legacy of farming and ranching in Putnam County for years to come.