Charlie Crawford

Charlie Crawford

Charlie Crawford

Farm: C Bar Ranch
Location: Lake City, Columbia
County Date of Origination: 1968
Commodities: Cattle, bahai grass seed, hay and haylage

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Charlie Crawford owns and operates C Bar Ranch in Lake City, Florida. The Ranch was established in 1968 by Mr. Crawford and he proudly produces market calves, bahiagrass seed, hay and haylage.

Mr. Crawford has been implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) on the ranch for many years now. BMPs are a set of guidelines that advise producers on how to manage the water, nutrient, and pesticides they are using to reduce agriculture’s impact on the state’s natural resources. C Bar Ranch implements a farm management plan that places emphasis on soil erosion through the use of no till planting. Mr. Crawford also utilizes GPS technology in the application of plant nutrients to ensure uniformity.

Mr. Crawford is actively involved in his local community, serving as president of the Columbia County Farm Bureau, as well as State Director for the local Cattlemen’s Association.

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When asked why he is a farmer who CARES, Crawford responded, “it is up to all of us to take care of the land. The land has blessed us with a good living and the opportunity to be close to nature while enjoying a certain level of independence. It is our duty to leave the land in good condition so we can pass it along to future generations.”

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