John and Rebecca Wells

2017 CARES Recipient
Farm: Lochloosa Creek Farms
Location: Hawthorne, Florida
Date of Origination: 2008
Commodities: Blueberries

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John and Rebecca Wells own and operate a blueberry operation that started in 2008 when they planted their first 5 acres. Since then, Lochloosa Creek Farms has expanded, and now produces high quality blueberries on nearly 20 acres in Hawthorne, FL.

Since the farm began, the Wells’ have implemented Best Management Practices to help maintain and improve water quality on and around the property. They utilize drip irrigation and overhead sprinklers to manage their water use during dormant and growing seasons. The farm also features inlets, which collects water and sends it through natural vegetation before entering nearby waterways. Natural vegetation is able to reduce nutrient runoff by filtering excess nutrients out of the water to ensure their farm doesn’t contaminate nearby waterways.

Lochloosa Creek Farms takes great pride in the preservation and conservation of our natural resources. Through their water and nutrient management plan, they work to ensure that the water leaving their farm is of better quality than when it came on.

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