Larry Corn

Farm: L & M Farms of North Florida
Location: Putnam & St. Johns County
Date of Origination: 1980
Commodities: Cabbage, Broccoli, Collards, Kale, Potatoes, Beets, & Corn

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Larry and Vicky Corn own and operate L & M Farms of North Florida in Putnam and St. Johns County. The 2nd generation farm became known what it is today in 1980, and continues to produce cabbage and potatoes. Since then, the farm has expanded to include broccoli, collards, kale, beets, and corn. L & M Farms of North Florida is a family-run business with members of the family having an active role in the prosperity of the farm.

L & M Farms of North Florida has implemented BMPs for the past 35 years. BMPs are a set of guidelines that advise producers on how to manage the water, nutrient, and pesticides they are using to reduce agriculture’s impact on the state’s natural resources. Some of the BMPs that have been implemented include GPS guided application of fertilizer and using environmentally friendly pesticides and insecticides. Corn is also working with Water Management programs to conserve water along with TILE projects for irrigation and drainage. It is practices like these that ensure their land will remain productive and viable for future generations.

Corn is involved in his community as a Baptist Deacon, supports Christian Youth & Local Church Activities, FFA events, and is a County Green Belt Board Chairman.

When asked why they think it is important to protect the environment, Corn responded, “Without protecting our environment, we will not be able to produce the quality of produce that we strive for. It is our goal to ensure a safe place for our kids to grow and learn about importance of agriculture. It is important for all of us to preserve our land to help provide for our community.”