Lynn Mills

Lynn Mills

Lynn Mills

Farm: VCH Management, Inc.
Location: DeSoto, Charlotte, and Hardee
Date of Origination:
Cattle and Citrus

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VC Ranch originated in the 1930’s when VC (Mose) Hollingsworth Sr. started with a few cows and a citrus grove in DeSoto County. With each generation, the operation grew, and today, VCH Management Inc. has expanded into Hardee and Charlotte counties under the management of Mr. Hollingsworth’s grandchildren.

As a part-owner and full-time operator of VCH cattle, Lynn Mills has shown a commitment to protecting and preserving the family’s natural resources for future generations. Mills has implemented Best Management Practices (BMPs) on the ranch to ensure proper nutrient management. The BMPs that have been implemented include fencing off pastures to allow for rotational grazing, maintaining natural barriers along streams and creeks to permit natural filtration, strategic placement of high intensity areas to reduce potential contamination, and the controlled application of fertilizers and herbicides.

In the community, Mills taught 7th grade History for 20 years. She attends Pine Level Methodist Church, and was recently elected as a county representative for the USDA. She is also a member of the DeSoto Cattlemen’s Association and the National Cattlemen’s Association.

When asked why she is a farmer who CARES, Mills responded, “As stewards of some of the most beautiful land with pristine waters, our family is proud to take care of this masterpiece.”

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