Marvin and Linda Brown

strawberriesFarm: Favorite Farms
Hillsborough County
Date of Origination:
Commodities: strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelons, squash & cucumbers

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Marvin and Linda Brown started their family-run business on January 1, 1980 and quickly became prominent innovators in the Strawberry Industry. Traveling the world to discover new technology, they dedicated themselves to providing safe and nutritious products to consumers. Today, Favorite Farms proudly produces strawberries, cantaloupes, watermelons, squash and cucumbers on their farms in Hillsborough County.

With the combination of new technology and the implementation of Best Management Practices (or BMPs), Favorite Farms has shown a commitment to protecting and preserving our natural resources. BMPs are practical, cost-effective actions that agricultural producers can take to reduce the amount of pesticides, fertilizers, and other pollutants entering our water resources. Mr. and Mrs. Brown implemented BMPs on their farm that include drip irrigation, ground cover, irrigation ponds, and the newest technology in GPS guidance systems. The farm also uses satellite and overhead photography to monitor hotspots that could signal the beginning of pest or fertilizer issues.

In the community, Mr. and Mrs. Brown are active members of the Church of Christ. They support Florida Colleges, including the University of Florida, and contribute to several non-profit organizations. They also are active supporters of the Hillsborough County Fair.

When asked why they are farmers that CARE, Mr. and Mrs. Brown said, “it is our responsibility to respect and preserve these gifts for future generations and protecting consumer’s health with safe and nutritious agriculture products.”

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