August is Water Quality Month!

As the summer season winds down and we prepare for our children to head back to school, we reminisce on all of the fun memories spent in the water!  We are fortunate to have a plethora of beaches, lakes, and springs in Florida to enjoy.  Our farmers and ranchers enjoy them as well with their families and is why they care about the quality of water found throughout our state.  Best Management Practices, or BMPs,  work together to ensure water leaving a farm or ranch property is cleaner than when it first entered.  Our farmers and ranchers care about the water all Floridians interact with.  The harder they work to improve water quality the better it will be down the line once that water enters a major water body.  August is Water Quality Month!  Florida Farm Bureau Federation and CARES will raise awareness for how our farmers and ranchers work to improve water quality on their farms and ranches!  Join us in raising awareness by using the hashtag, #WaterQualityWednesday!

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