Clay County’s Jim Farley of Farley Cattle Co. Recognized for Environmental Stewardship

2017 CARES Recipient
Farm: Farley Cattle Company
Location: Penney Farms, Florida
Date of Origination: 1969
Commodities: Cattle, Hay, Timber

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Mr. James and Mrs. Jean Farley have been raising cattle and growing hay and timber since 1969 when they first were married. After Mr. Farley worked for two cattle operations, he decided to start raising his own herd in 1985 and they have worked together ever since to grow their herd and business and make it a true family affair. Mr. Farley shares that his oldest son, Jody, runs the ranching operation and also has a successful veterinary supplies business. His youngest son, Josh, operates his own ranching and cattle brokerage business but does manage various parts of Farley Cattle Company.

Mr. and Mrs. Farley are members of Sharon Baptist Church. Mr. Farley is also the Director of the Clay County Cattleman’s Association and past Director of Clay County Farm Bureau. He even served as the past State Director of the Florida Cattleman’s Association.

In regards to environmental stewardship, Mr. Farley feels implementing BMPs has truly helped him better understand how to improve water quality and reduce the amount of fertilizer nutrients that leave his farm. Some of the techniques he has implemented include rotational grazing where small amounts of nitrogen are used as top dress over the land and only as needed. He also has built working areas and feeding areas upland away from grazing areas. Fencing off areas that lead to natural water bodies prevents his cattle from entering and contaminating the waterways. Mr. Farley firmly believes that, “If you’ll take care of the land and its resources, it will take care of you.” With 5 grandchildren also helping out at the farm, Mr. Farley hopes to continue farming for as long as possible and considers himself blessed to work with his family each and every day.

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