Ricky Tipton

Farm: Flatwoods Farm                                                          
Location: Calhoun County
Date of Origination: 1966
Commodities: Cattle, Hay, Timber

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Ricky Tipton and Jimmy Lee Holley, along with their wives, Kay and Mary Lou, own and operate Flatwoods Farm in Calhoun County. The farm originated in 1966 and row cropped, but then transitioned to produce hay and timber, and raise cattle. The 3rd generation farm is a family-run business with members of the family having an active role in the prosperity of the farm.

Flatwoods Farm has implemented BMPs since 2004. BMPs are a set of guidelines that advise producers on how to manage the water, nutrient, and pesticides they are using to reduce agriculture’s impact on the state’s natural resources. Some of the BMPs that have been implemented include fencing off of wetlands, GPS guided fertilizer application, soil testing, rotational grazing, trough location, and more. It is practices like these that ensure their land will remain productive and viable for future generations.

Tipton and Holley are actively involved in their community. Tipton is a board member for the Big River Cattlemen’s Association, member of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, Florida Farm Bureau, Florida Panhandle Saddle Club, and proudly attends Rivertown Community Church. As for Holley, he is also a member of the Big River and Florida Cattlemen’s Association. He also attends Blountstown First Baptist Church and volunteers with several organizations like the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement and the Calhoun-Liberty Ministry Center.

When asked what they enjoy most about farming, they responded, “Enjoying the rural lifestyle- working outdoors with animals, large equipment, and the land. No day is ever boring or routine. Each day brings new projects and challenges. From watching the birth of new calves in the fall to a bountiful hay harvest in the summer, every day is rewarding.”