Robert Claxton

2017 CARES Recipient
Farm: Claxton Cattle Co.
Okeechobee, Florida
Date of Origination:


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Robert Claxton and his family’s roots run deep in raising cattle Florida while preserving the land they live on. For over 40 years, Robert and Jacqueline Claxton have raised cattle on their family farm and both are actively involved in the Okeechobee County Cattlemen’s Association.

In regards to natural resource conservation, Robert and his son, Bob, have implemented Best Management Practices help maintain and improve soil and water quality on and around the property. Rotational grazing is used to improve forages and allow the land time to regrow.  They use a management plan to control invasive species that can harm cattle and overtake the land.  Alternative water sources are located throughout the farm to ensure the waste from cattle and their water sources do not interact and cause contamination to nearby waterways.  Prescribed burning is conducted to foster new growth on the land and to remove invasive species and waste.

The Claxton’s believe in BMPs because they help them be stewards of the land. Through their water and soil management plan, this farm family works to ensure that they produce a high quality product while also preserving their natural resources for their many grandchildren growing up on the farm.

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