Sonny Davis

peanutsFarm: Davis Farms
Jackson and Washington County
Date of Origination:
Commodities: Cotton, Peanuts, Cattle, and Timber

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Sonny Davis Jr. is part of a generational farming operation that began with his grandfather in the late 1800’s and is thriving today with help from his brothers, sons and nephews in Washington and Jackson Counties. The family-run row crop operation proudly produces cotton and peanuts, as well as cattle and timber on the farm. For Sonny Davis, and the family members that work on Davis Farms, maintaining the quality of the property’s soil and water is important to ensure that they continue to pass down viable and productive land for future generations.

As true environmental stewards, the Davis family has been implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) long before there were BMP Manuals, but over the last ten years, they have worked closely with FDACS to make sure they are following the practices laid out in the most recent manuals. Some of the BMPs that are implemented include consistent grid soil samples that establish fertilizer application rates, GPS controlled pesticide applicators that reduce inputs and increase efficiency, planting cover crops to manage soil erosion and increase soil fertility, and no-till farming to increase water infiltration and storage capacity.

Mr. Davis is active in the community. He is a member of the Poplar Springs Baptist Church, and he is the past Director of the Chamber of Commerce.

When asked why he is a farmer who CARES, Mr. Davis said, “As farmers we understand the importance of maintaining the quality of our soil and water to assure that we have clean air and pure water for ourselves and for future generations.”

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