W.M. Marsh

OrangesFarm: Marsh Farms
DeSoto County
Date of Origination:

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W.M Marsh began farming in Hardee County, but in 1971, he sold the farm and bought their present property in DeSoto County. Until 1991, the family ran a cattle operation but gradually began converting to citrus. Today, William and Linda Sue Marsh, of Marsh Farms, proudly produce valencias, murcotts, navels, sugar belles, and pomelos on their family farm.

Through the years the Marsh family has understood the importance of protecting the environment as true stewards. For over 25 years, they have implemented Best Management Practices (or BMPs) to help preserve and protect Florida’s natural resources. These BMPs include the usage of soil moisture sensors to monitor water usage, the installation of retention ponds as part of their drainage management plan, and the use GPS guided fertilizer applicators to prevent over spraying and minimize exposure to water sources.

Marsh is actively involved in the community. He has been an ordained deacon for 30 years and has been active in various church committees. He is currently a member of the Ft. Ogden Baptist Church.

When asked why he is a farmer who CARES, Marsh responded, “It’s important to protect our environment for our families and all of the generations to come.”

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