Tyler Brown started his farm in 2012 on just ten acres of land in Jay, FL. Brown now grows peanuts and cotton and also raises beef cattle on 75 acres. 

He is committed to protecting natural resources by implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) to ensure that what he is able to produce from the land now is here for future generations to be productive on.  Some of the BMPs he has implemented include planting 3 different cover crops to improve soil health, grid soil sampling to analyze nutrient availability, GPS and banding applications to precisely apply fertilizers only where needed, as well as terraces and buffers to improve water quality.  While nearby neighbors continue to clear their land Brown maintains native field borders to provide habitats for local wildlife. 

Service to others is important to Brown and so he is actively involved in Jay School FFA Alumni, Florida Farm Bureau State YF & R Leadership Team, Escambia Rosa YF & R Leadership Team, Farm Credit Nominating Committee and he is a Captain in the volunteer firefighter’s organization.  Brown has been awarded the State Young Peanut Farmer of the Year award as well. 

Florida Farm Bureau Federation is proud to award a 2018 CARES designation and sign to Tyler Brown for his dedication in being an outstanding environmental steward.