Purpose: The purpose of this workshop is to develop the marketing and communication skill sets of County Farm Bureau staff so that they can confidently engage and recruit Farm Bureau members.

Meet the presenters:

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Ali Baker, Member Benefits Marketing Representative

“It doesn’t cost, it pays to be a Farm Bureau member!” Through marketing and promoting Farm Bureau’s member benefits, Ali Baker plays a crucial role in enhancing Farm Bureau membership! Through her position, Baker effectively promotes the FB mission!

Corey Darnell, Lead Videographer and Graphic Designer

If you need a design project completed with the newest and most innovative designs, Corey Darnell has you covered! After completing an internship at Farm Bureau, Darnell return as a full- time staff member to create meaningful videos and designs for Farm Bureau.

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Cacee Hilliard, CARES Program Coordinator

“Cacee CARES!”- The saying is true! Whether it is recognizing a farmer/rancher for their environmental stewardship efforts or educating a consumer on a farm tour, Cacee Hilliard works diligently to tell the story of Florida agriculture on behalf of Florida Farm Bureau!


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