William McGehee produces corn, peanuts, cattle and perennial peanut hay on over 1,000 acres in Alachua County.

Through utilizing Best Management Practices (BMPs), McGehee works diligently to conserve water and continue his sustainable practices for the future. He has implemented soil moisture sensors, center pivot irrigation and GPS application to reduce overall water usage and monitor nutrient levels throughout his operation. Additional BMPs implemented include planting a 5-way cover crop mix along with rotational grazing, to improve soil health and protect water quality throughout his operation and to surrounding waterways.

McGehee is heavily involved in the University of Florida’s sod-based rotation program, which educates farmers sustainable practices and preserving our resources for the future.

Florida Farm Bureau Federation is proud to award a 2019 CARES designation and sign to McGehee and Sons Farm and family for their dedication in being outstanding environmental stewards.