Scott Parker is a 5th generation farmer from St. John’s County, and along with his wife, Tiffany, and son, Joe, raise chip and little potatoes as well as corn. 

Parker enrolled in the Best Management Practices (BMP) program in 2011 with a goal of reducing overall water use and preventing nutrient runoff and as a result has implemented an irrigation drain tile system, has laser- leveled each of his fields, installed water control structures, uses GPS applications regularly and plants cover crops.  The combination of the irrigation drain tile system, laser- leveling of fields and installing water control structures continues to reduce overall water use by half and eliminates the risk of runoff.  Cover crops, such as Sudan grass, help put nutrients back in the soil, lock in moisture and reduce soil erosion. 

With their farm surrounded by water sources that feed directly to the St. Johns River, the Parker family is intentional about implementing a variety of practices, no matter the cost, in order to protect the land they live on and the wildlife they enjoy seeing every day. 

Florida Farm Bureau Federation is proud to award a 2018 CARES designation and sign to Scott and Tiffany Parker for their dedication in being outstanding environmental stewards.