Ben White of Jefferson County produces cattle, corn and hay on over 500 acres.

With the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs), White is dedicated to protecting his family’s land. Partnering with local cost- share programs he has been able to purchase a no till drill and portable cow pens to implement his BMP program. He also plants cover crops and uses rotational grazing to preserve the land and manage nutrients. Additional BMPs, such as fencing off wetlands, installing soil moisture sensors, and using grid and soil sampling, all work together to improve water quality through the operation.

White is heavily involved in Jefferson County Cattlemen’s Association and partners with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to grow corn through solar-powered irrigation systems, decreasing overall water usage.

Florida Farm Bureau Federation is proud to award a 2019 CARES designation and sign to Ben White and family for their dedication in being outstanding environmental stewards.