Walton Cowart is a multi- generational cattle rancher from Flagler County who raises commercial beef cattle on more than 1,200 acres of family ranch land. 

He enrolled in the Best Management Practices (BMP) program in 2011 and has implemented BMPs such as rotational grazing and installing concrete pads underneath water troughs.  Rotational grazing allows the land time to re- grow and provide fresh, tender forage for cattle and also lessen soil compaction.  By installing concrete pads under water troughs, the risk of soil erosion is eliminated. By placing water troughs throughout the property cattle are encouraged to seek their water source from the troughs instead of the naturally- occurring water bodies. 

The Cowart family has a rich heritage in Florida agriculture and are a true pioneer family that has been stewarding the land for decades.  Cowart continues to strengthen his family’s legacy by working to protect and preserve their ranching operation each and every day. 

Florida Farm Bureau Federation is proud to award a 2018 CARES designation and sign to Walton Cowart for his dedication in being an outstanding environmental steward.