Flying T & T Cattle is owned and operated by 1st generation producer, Andrew Taylor.  At 20 years old, Taylor began a trucking business which allowed him to invest in purchasing a beef cattle herd and property. 

His vision for ranching also included a program for environmental conservation.  Taylor has worked over the last 10 years to reclaim more than 60 acres of land and has utilized Best Management Practices to be a good steward of the land and resources it offers. He currently produces beef cattle, hay, peanuts and grains.

Some the BMPs implemented includes solar- powered wells to deliver fresh water to cattle throughout the property, planting native grasses, cover crops and buffer strips to improve soil health, and rotational grazing to offer fresh forage to the cattle and allow the land to rest. Taylor also fences off wetlands to protect water quality, pulls soil samples annually to determine nutrient needs and utilizes variable rate fertilization via GPS to only put out what is truly needed.  

Taylor partners with Grayton Beer Company & Idyll Hounds Brewing Company to use spent grains usually thrown out after the brewing process is complete as supplemental feed for his beef cattle. Spent grains are comprised of leftover malt, barley, wheat and oats after all necessary nutrients have been extracted during the brewing process.  

Taylor also sells his fresh, Florida beef to local chefs and restaurants, such as the Tropicana Club restaurant in DeFuniak Springs.  He understands the demand for locally- sourced protein and is working to expand his enterprise into custom meat sales.

Additionally, he is extensively involved in the local community by serving as a Technical Advisor for the Paxton Agricultural Education Department, Walton County Farm Bureau’s presenter at Walton County’s Master Gardener Program as well as a speaker at the Rotary Club.

Lastly, Taylor has held leadership roles in Florida Farm Bureau’s State YF & R Leadership Group, State Board of Directors, and is also a member of the State Beef Advisory Committee. He is also a Florida Cattleman’s Association member.

Florida Farm Bureau Federation is proud to award a 2018 CARES designation and sign to Andrew Taylor for his dedication in being an outstanding environmental steward.