Hodge Farms is a family- owned farm that has been in operation in Marianna since 1977.  Howard and Carolyn Hodge raise beef cattle and grow bahia grass hay and seed, peanuts and sod. 

It was important to the Hodge family to enroll in BMPs in 2013 in order to protect the water quality on their farm.  Prior to planting and fertilization applications Hodge conducts soil testing to identify nutrients already in the soil.  Throughout planting, he uses a no- till drill to minimize impacts on the land and also plants cover crops to improve soil health.  Soil moisture sensors are installed during the growing season to monitor water and nutrient uptake.  Hodge also uses a GPS system during spreading applications to precisely apply nutrients where needed.  In order to protect wetland and sensitive areas on his farm, all livestock pens and feeding areas are kept more than 200 feet away. 

Hodge is also involved in Northwest Florida Water Management District’s sod- based rotation program. It is important to Hodge and his family to maintain the highest water quality standards possible in order to protect local natural resources.   

When he isn’t on the farm Hodge is actively involved in the Florida Peanut Producer’s Association, Jackson County Cattleman’s Association as well as his church’s deacon board and Sunday school. 

Florida Farm Bureau Federation is proud to award a 2018 CARES designation and sign to Howard and Carolyn Hodge for their dedication in being outstanding environmental stewards.