Hughes Farms is a 3rd generation farm family that grows peanuts, cotton, a variety of produce and also raises beef cattle.  Brian and Julie Hughes own and operate Hughes Farms here in Jackson County and are intentional about their efforts to protect local natural resources. 

Since 2002, when their farm began, Hughes enrolled in BMPs and feels strongly that by implementing a variety of practices he continues to accomplish his goal of reducing water use and improving water quality on his farm. 

He regularly rotates his cattle in order to provide fresh, tender grass to his cattle and improve soil health. As he prepares for planting each season, he conducts soil sampling and also uses strip- tillage to only disturb the portion of the soil that is to be planted.  Throughout the growing season, drip irrigation is most efficient at providing water to the root zone of each plant and variable rate fertilization precisely applies nutrients as well.  Cover crops are used year- round to improve soil health and lock in soil moisture. 

It is important to the Hughes family to be involved in local community organizations such as 4- H when they aren’t spending time together as a family working on the farm. 

Florida Farm Bureau Federation is proud to award a 2018 CARES designation and sign to Brian and Julie Hughes for their dedication in being outstanding environmental stewards.